At Stellhorn Chiropractic, we’re currently seeing a lot of people having difficulty sleeping and feeling refreshed the next day. Lately, people are having increased levels of anxiety and stress. We’re really stuck in that fight or flight where we always feel like we’re in the mode to go, go, go.

This constant “on” mode in our brains and in our bodies is leading to increased levels of stress, tight muscles, stiff joints, and other pains.

With chiropractic care, we want to help alleviate these symptoms, and calm the nervous system.  Calming the nervous system also works to calm the mind so that you are able to have a better night’s rest.

When you rest well, the next day you’re feeling refreshed and ready to go with the day – just like you deserve. You deserve to get a good’s night sleep and not experience the pain and other symptoms that come with poor sleep or a lack of sleep.

So if you’re having any trouble sleeping, if you’re feeling any of these muscle soreness or stiffness in the joints, please come into Stellhorn Chiropractic and we’d love to help you.