We are here to post another exercise for you today. We are going to talk a little bit about targeting your upper glute muscles and your low back. We all like to have a bit of a perky butt, right?

We’re going to go ahead and dive into that today. We’re going to do what we call a Frogger. The nice thing about this exercise is you get to chill out on the floor. Everybody likes to chill on the floor right?

It’s easy to do this exercise with just a few steps:

  1. Lie on the floor with your belly down.
  2. Place your arms directly underneath you – just have them right underneath your chin.
  3. Relax your forehead down.
  4. While you’re in that position, take your feet and move them – pay close attention to the position here, because you can easily mess it up if you’re not used to this move.
  5. Your knees should form a triangle shape, and your big toes should be touching and pointed. When I lift up, I’m up, and then I’m down – I basically looked like a frog, which is why we called them froggers.
  6. Try to lift those thighs! Your goal is to lift it up there and to try to get up as high as you can and lightly squeeze them. Hold your upper button muscles and a little bit of that lower back.

Your knees should not be parallel. You want to make sure that they’re out, otherwise, you will not get the same state of effect. For the best stretch, ensure you’re not scrunching up your shoulders and anything like that in order to get your low back or your legs off the ground.

Practice that pose for about 30 seconds total – then you can take a little break and you can try it again. It’s really great for your low back and your upper glute muscles as well.