Today, we’re going to go over the bird dog.

If you remember way back in my first video that we did, Dr. Chris talks about being on all fours when we did the plank. What we want to think about doing is that when we’re in this position, before we go into anything else, is that our joints are properly aligned.

You don’t want to be too far out – you want it to be directly underneath that shoulder and the same over here with your hips. You want your head to be aligned with your knee as well.

Once you have found that position and you feel like you’re comfortable, your shoulders are rolled back away from your ears, you’re a proud dog here. You’re looking at directly down.

What you’re going to do is, if you’re very new to this, take a foot and point it. Just practice doing this action here, because once we start to add in this arm, it becomes a balancing act.

If your core is still kind of weak and you’re still working on it, I want you to start with just your leg and practice holding that core in, or you can start with just the arm.

When you’re ready, I want you to put them both in there, ensuring that you’re keeping that alignment with your joints. I want you to lift and pulse as long as you can go. Try to shoot for 30 seconds tops as your ultimate goal.

Do the same thing on both sides then, alternating. You’re going to start here for 30 seconds and then you’re going to switch sides for another 30 seconds. You can do other things, too – you can go outward if you want. You can crunch it in and extend it out, and all sorts of fun stuff.