Before chiropractic, I was a college student at the University of Utah. They had a really good pre-med program there. I was figuring out at the time what I wanted to do – if I wanted to do osteopathic school if I wanted to do medical school or chiropractic school.

I decided to do chiropractic because I felt it was the most natural way to help people. I decided even if I wanted to go back to school eventually and do DO or MD, it would make the most sense to at least start as a chiropractor and potentially stay one if I liked it enough.

What I decided then was to go to Logan College of Chiropractic and I got my degree there.

Then I was deciding where I wanted to practice. For about five years, I was bouncing around to different chiropractic clinics, just learning the ropes and getting a better understanding of chiropractic.

Then, I ended up at Fort Wayne and got a good setup here.

Now, I’ve been practicing for ten years total, and I’ve been practicing here at Fort Wayne for five of them. I want to stay around here and see what I can do for people.

I ended up taking myself all over the US figuring out what I was going to do as a chiropractor. Now, I’m here in the Fort Wayne area and I’ve seen about a hundred thousand people over the last ten years. I know this is where I want to be, and I’m happy to help here.

I want to continue to keep helping the Fort Wayne area as best I can as the premier walk-in clinic in Fort Wayne. I look forward to helping you, because I care about every member of this community and I want to help you feel your best.