You may have heard about fascia.

So what is fascia, exactly? Fascia is a complex layer of connective tissue that runs through the muscles, over the muscles, between the muscles, and it holds everything together.

Fascia, just like a muscle, can become tight. Fascia experience wear and tear every day from repetitive motions and stress. All of this can cause the fascia to constrict and then that tightens up the muscle and then tightens up the area, which can, in turn, affect lots of other areas because everything is tied together.

Therefore, releasing the fascia is super important before you start your session, just so you can release that superficial layer.

When you go into the deeper work, you’re able to get more work done if you’ve released the fascia. I do know a few techniques. My goal is to eventually go to the weekend seminar that John Barnes hosts to teach more of the myofascial release techniques. I would love to be able to do these for you guys.